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We offer services using laser scanners and manufacture using computer controlled machinery in conjunction with CAD CAM software. The services offered act as the link between high tech surface data and manufacture of complex components through to detailed carvings.


We are committed to both small & large projects and are continually looking for unique and interesting ideas.


We have the answers to fully automate the carving of wood products by CNC machining – giving precision and perfection in the end product. We CNC machine almost any shape using techniques that can cut complex surfaces without compromise on quality.


Any double sided, double curvature part can be mass produced effectively, taking 90% of hand carving away, resulting in 100% repeatability and accuracy.


In the past this service has been useful to archaeologists to perfectly replicate items recovered in the field.


In a project called ‘History from the sea’, the job specification was to replicate a bronze axe with high resolution accuracy. Lasers were first used to scan the artefact, then the 3D image was opened up in our innovative 3D CNC programming software to replicate the bronze axe perfectly by 3 axis CNC machining.


GCNC Ltd are also suppliers and work with organisations such as the Home Office to provide a means of scanning forensic evidence and Heritage Trusts to restore features and historical carvings.


By laser scanning objects, we can also replicate in all kinds of material.















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