3d Sections are cut  out on an industrial router.


The router is linked up to a computer  with software that programs the cutter to follow the previously scanned shape. This accurately  forms all the sections.


There are 13 sections, each being  50mm thick. Industrial Glue is then used to assemble the ‘Giant Boob’ Sculpture


Jigs and fixture design ensures accurate repetitive production runs


Various guitar manufacturers have used our services of 3d routing


Gunstocks can be scanned and reproduced or made from solid CAD models


Single or large quantities can be accommodated


Walnut stocks are now regular repeat orders, proving our customers are satisfied with our service.

The 6 foot Artwork sculpture was a main part of an display to achieve her Art Degree At Blackburn College 2008.




Below shows the finished artwork and example of scaling 

Guitar Parts


Various Clients

Gun Stock



Various clients

English Heritage.


Reproduced by non contact scanning  and  CNC machining



Scanned and reproduced forensic evidence for  the

Home Office , NPIA

And various constabularies



3D Art and Sculptures













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